Unique, personalized birthing boxes for cats
- Nice rounded corners
- All colors are possible
- A (cattery)name on the birthing box
- Catpaws on the birthing box.
- Opening for de cat in the shape of a cat's head
- An extra opening in the shape of a cat's head
- A
removable, smaller hole for the kittens, to feed the kittens apart from the older cats
- Set of (little) stairs
- Removable transparant exit/entrance blocker
Do you have any other questions of wishes, please let us know!
The birthing box is designed to allow mother cat to give birth in. In the first few weeks of the life of the kittens, the birthing box gives the little family enough privacy, while the mother can go in and out of the box for her own needs. When the kittens are old enough to discover the "world", the birthing box can be used as a save haven, for them to sleep, eat and play in. The living space of the kittens can then be enlarged by placing a small fence around it.

By placing a smaller, removable, hole entrance in the cat's head, it is possible to feed the kittens seperately from the adults. So you don't have to be afraid that the big cats eat all their food.
There is a lot possible with your birthing box, made by Werpkistkat.nl.
The birthing box can be made completely costimized to fit your needs and can be personalized for you..
Cat paws
Catteryname frontside
Catteryname around opening
All colors are possible
Two cat heads
Small hole entrance
Two colors birthing box
Cat's head on top
Catteryname under opening
All colors are possible
transparant entrance blocker
All colors possible
Cat's head front- and rightside
Two cat's head
Opening cat frontside
Catteryname above opening
For more examples of what is possible, look at the page examples